Steve Schmelzer

Sportsmanship Award

Each year during our end of summer social we award the Steve Schmelzer Sportsmanship Award. This award goes to the person that receives the most nominations for consistently demonstrating positive attributes such as kindness, integrity, sportsmanship, encouragement, positive attitude, and teamwork and more. An ideal candidate would be someone that demonstrated one or more of those traits and left a positive impression on you. As we all know, there are countless positive things people have and continue to do for each other during the outdoor Pickleball season. Everybody is eligible to nominate somebody and to receive the award. However, Door County Pickleball Club Executive Committee members (listed below) are exempt from receiving the award.

Guy Fortin 2023 Winner

Barb and Brad Nikles

2023 Honorable Mention

Monica Lauscher

2023 Honorable Mention

2022 Co-Winner - Ron Greisen

2022 Co-Winners - Patty and Mark Weisse