Town of Sevastopol

The Town of Sevastopol has 2 dedicated Pickleball courts and 2 shared Tennis/Pickleball courts.  The courts are on a first come basis so you may need to make adjustments with the shared courts. These courts were just completed in August, 2022 and in excellent condition. The courts are located at the Sevastopol Town Park on Hwy 57 in Institute about a ½ mile south of the intersection of Hwy 57 and county road P (Dunn Road).  Nets and balls are provided in a storage locker at the courts. Combination to the lock is: C-M-U.

Please note: The paved areas of the courts and surrounding areas need to cure until September 2023, therefore, no chairs or other items are allowed on the surface until that time. Thank you for your cooperation.